Real Time Value Network

What is the Real Time Value Network?

Find out how you can achieve coordinated, real time decision-making across your supply chain by connecting your organisation to the RTVN through e-Logics

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Real Time Network

The RTVN is an extremely responsive cloud-based network where informational lead times are virtually eliminated and physical lead times are minimised. The RTVN precisely models and connects you to your own unique supply chain, whether in whole-for example every node from retailers to raw material suppliers-or in part, for example your logistics and transportation network. Providing value across multiple industries and business roles and initiatives, One Network's RTVN lets your supply chain become as real time as you want it to be.

Network Optimisation

One Network's patented tools and technologies do more than provide visibility, they optimise.  In the RTVN, supply, demand, and capacities are planned and executed concurrently within the same system based on the most recent available demand data, as well as highly accurate forecasts. Short-term forecasts (for example, depending on the industry, the next 10 days) can be based on store level inventories and daily sales scan data if available.

Instantaneous and seamless communication combined with automatic execution order inventory deployment) will allow the most far-flung or tangential members of the value chain to align operational objectives with minimal human interaction in conditions of extreme volatility in nature. The supply chain problems left unsolved by ERP are multi party in nature, and the solution is a multi-party network with execution capabilities.

Network Scalability

The RTVN is fully scalable across technology and business processes. It relies on horizontal grid processing, giving it the ability to manage the millions of daily transactions and data points that today's large value chains generate.  One Network recognizes that the majority of these transactions are routine and don't require human intervention, and the RTVN allows people to devote their resources to the complicated one-off problems that only humans can solve, using human intelligence to address the exceptions.

The RTVN enhances your existing ERP and execution systems. It immediately leverages all trading partners, significantly lowering implementation costs for everyone on the network. Implementation is quick and painless. The RTVN's secure, cloud platform means no expensive hardware to procure and maintain. Through the use of our Studio Service, your legacy systems can be configured to meet your current business process or allow you to re engineer new ones. With our industry-first Developer Network, you can further extend the RTVN's services to build applications independently.

Network Coordination and Connectivity

The RTVN coordinates and orchestrates all internal functions and the activities of external trading partners, giving your supply chain a "single version of the truth", but securely packaged and filtered in a way that makes it relevant to each partner's individual role. A single information "pipe" into the network provides integration across multiple companies' ERP and execution systems.  One Network takes this multi-enterprise data and continuously syncs and re-syncs demand, supply, and capacities in near real time across all trading partners.

What can the Real-Time Value Network (RTVN™) do for you?

How real-time do you want to be? Through One Network, e-Logics gives you access to the Real-Time Value Network through a powerful array of tools, technologies and processes. The RTVN™ isn't simply technology or another piece of software that promises much but fails to deliver. Diverse clients from every sector-IMPERIAL Logistics, Pick n Pay, Rwanda Ministry of Health, the US Department of Defense, Del Monte Foods, the US Marine Corps and many others-are becoming demand driven with RTVN™. Find out why more than 30 000 other companies are connected to the RTVN™ by contacting us today.

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