Extending asset lifecycles

"An asset management system is vital for organisations that are dependent on the function and performance of their physical assets in the delivery of services or products. … Delivering the best value for money in the management of physical assets is complex and involves careful consideration of the trade-offs between performance, cost and risk over all stages of the assets' life cycles." PAS 55-1: 2008

For authorities and business, e-Logics through provision of effective processes and accurate, real-time information, we enable operations and maintenance teams to make decisions that optimise the lifecycle of their assets.

Through a theoretical grasp of asset management policy and processes, balanced with on-the-ground expertise we are a trusted partner to your operational teams.

Our technological integration experience lies in world class enterprise management systems including Oracle, IBM Maximo and SAP. We also enable our clients to manage their assets through providing customised and proprietary software, which we not only design but implement and offer 24/7 technical support.


Do you need?

  • A deep technical, engineering understanding of physical assets; a prerequisite for developing sound maintenance strategies.
  • Know-how in documenting asset management systems, with performance standards set at specific function levels and mapping of role descriptions, organizational structures and responsibilities.
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of processes up to micro-organizational levels.


Our services

e-Logics enables intelligent asset management for organisations that rely on infrastructure and logistics assets to enable service delivery.

We are proficient in Asset Acquisition/Disposal processes, Asset Identification and Verification, and  Asset Maintenance Management. We offer specific capabilities in Niche Application Development, Enterprise Systems Implementation, Best Process Practices, Project Management, Hosted Solutions and Support and IT Architecture.


Our services include:

Enterprise Asset Management

  • Implementation and Hosting Enterprise Asset Management Systems
  • Maintenance Strategy
  • Develop of Maintenance Plans
  • Business Process Design
  • Process implementation and Execution

Master Data Management

  • Asset Identification and Verification
  • Enterprise Asset Data Integration

Operational Transparency

  • Asset Telemetry
  • Integration and Business Intelligence
  • Asset Visibility and Productivity
  • Analysis of Performance

Asset Finance

  • GRAP Compliance for Local Government

Specialist Solutions

  • Condition Monitoring
  • Work Identification and Condition Analysis
  • Train Operations and Control

Asset Management Training and People (Capability) Development and Organisation Alignment