Trading as Resolve Solution Partners

Resolve is our newly formed venture that merges IMPERIAL group companies Volition, e-Logics and their associated businesses with some existing managed services capacity in the group. The separate businesses have operated very successfully over the past decade, but synergies between the companies will now be fully embraced to offer our customers more holistic, value-driven solutions.

The consolidation enables us to offer clients a complete services solution - from design, through implementation and managed services. Resolve incorporates the consulting and deep functional expertise offered by Volition with the technology capabilities of e-Logics, as well as operating and managed services capabilities from other companies in the group. The result is a powerhouse of experience and expertise - with the capability to offer not just consulting and separate technology services but full business process outsource services that enable the implementation of true value centric solutions.

What sets us apart is how we leverage these broad capabilities, and integrate them to amplify the business value we deliver to our clients. Resolve's focus will be on driving competitiveness for business in Africa and African business and our approach to Africa - along with our burgeoning experience across the continent - is one of the factors that differentiates Resolve from its competitors. Our aim will be to partner with clients on their journey into and through Africa, sharing their risks and sharing their successes.

The formation of Resolve is thus a strategic 'leapfrog' move that traditional consulting and IT services will find difficult to match.



client face "Thank you for an exceptional logistics solution. I now understand why e-Logics is the preferred logistics service provider and partner for so many top companies."
Johnny Faurie, CEO, Shareload